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Brookline, MA
Wednesday, April 25, 2018

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North Brookline

Known as “the most densely populated area of Brookline,” the Brookline Historical Society describes North Brookline as the ultimate mix between suburban and urban...

Cottage Farm

Located between Carlton Street and St. Paul Street, Cottage Farm is a residential neighborhood of 119 acres. Originally, the area belonged to David Sears...

Coolidge Corner

Centered at the intersection of Harvard and Beacon Streets in North Brookline, the Coolidge Corner neighborhood takes its name from a family that operated...

JFK Crossing

JFK Crossing blends the qualities of an urban and suburban neighborhood. The street is lined with shops and restaurants and busy with a constant...

Corey Hill

Named after Timothy Corey, who settled on the hill in 1760, Corey Hill is often referred to as “The Great Hill” because it sits...

South Brookline

Characterized by rolling green hills and grand estates, South Brookline is one of the few truly open spaces left outside of Boston. The first...


The Longwood neighborhood is the furthest east of Brookline and therefore the closest in proximity to the city of Boston. It was named after...

Brookline Village

Brookline Village captures the quaint small-town feel in the mix of busy city streets. Traditional shops and small restaurants line either side of the...

Chestnut Hill

The Mall at Chestnut Hill and The Chestnut Hill Shopping Center provide the Chestnut Hill neighborhood with a variety of stores and restaurants. Both...


Putterham provides a small, quiet neighborhood in the more suburban area of Brookline.  Unlike many of the neighborhoods in Brookline that center primarily around...
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