Brookline Business with Harry: Cash Mob in Brookline!


A “Cash Mob” will be coming to Brookline on Saturday, March 24th in the St. Mary’s Business District.  What is a “Cash Mob”, you ask?  Well, think of the quirky “Flash Mobs” that you may have heard of—those public, synchronized and choreographed dances or performances that are organized through social media.  A Cash Mob is simply the organizing of a group of shoppers to appear at a particular store (or business area) on a certain day and time to spend $10 -$20 and meet at a local restaurant/pub afterwards to discuss the event.

The first “Cash Mob” happened in Buffalo, New York on August 5, 2011.  The concept has grown in popularity and early organizer, attorney Andrew Samtoy, from Cleveland, Ohio not only made Cleveland a hot bed for Cash Mobs, but helped organize a blog to provide “Mob Rules” and other information for interested participants. (

Some of the basic tenants of Cash Mobs are that the store or stores involved are small and locally owned, independent and give back to the community.  The Shop Local movement that has taken hold throughout the country is seen as an important part of Cash Mobs and participants realize they are supporting local, community businesses.

The Brookline Chamber of Commerce is organizing this first Brookline Cash Mob to coincide with “National Cash Mob Day” that is set for March 24th.  We believe that the St. Mary’s Business District is a vital part of Brookline commerce and we hope everyone comes out to support the businesses in St. Mary’s since they have suffered through significant disruption with the major construction project that has and will continue to effect business in the area.  To learn more about Brookline Cash Mob contact the Chamber at: 617-739-1330,,, @BrooklineChmbr.

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