Motion Man Jody Scalise’s Halloween Comedy

Brookline Jody Scalise

This Halloween, the EPOCH Senior Healthcare Center of Chestnut Hill will feature comedic performer and mime Jody Scalise, in his New Vaudeville/Visual Comedy Halloween Show. Founder of the original New England Mime Festival, Scalise has been praised for his pantomime, improvisation, and comedic timing by the Boston Globe, Yankee Magazine, and other magazines. is hiring!  Click here to learn more

Scalise has performed at the Chicago Blues Festival, the Newport Folk Festival, and the Lincoln Comedy Festival, among others. He has entertained for Rosa Parks, Sean Lennon, and the Jim Henson family.

For more information on what is sure to be a wonderful, entertaining Halloween show, or to RSVP, call 617-243-9990.

The EPOCH Senior Healthcare Center of Chestnut Hill is located on 615 Heath St.

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